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How art will be ‘at the very heart’ of the BBC

The BBC has pledged to step up its arts coverage, claiming it "will be at the very heart of what we do".

Viewers can look forward to three Shakespeare plays, a documentary about artist David Hockney, plus two programmes on radical writers hosted by Lord (Melvyn) Bragg.

The BBC has promised to offer viewers "front row seats" at major events including the Edinburgh Festival with online performances from the Scottish capital. It also says it will be ...

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BBC iPlayer revamp may change the way we watch TV online

Viewers will be able to buy and watch content from the BBC as part of its new download service.

The corporation is revamping its iPlayer service, which currently allows users to watch free content from the previous few days.

Changes approved by the BBC Trust will allow the catch-up service to link to the new BBC Store, where viewers can buy and download programmes.

Plans for an online commercial store selling ...

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Why flytippers could face having larger fines dumped on them

People who dump their rubbish in public areas face stiffer penalties under new sentencing guidelines for courts in England and Wales. Some of the worst environmental offenders will be punished by bigger fines.

These include nuisance offenders such as those who cause noise, smoke, dust or smells, or run premises which present a health or pollution risk.

The Sentencing Council's latest guidelines deal with various misdemeanours relating to the disposal of waste and rubbish. These are mainly covered ...

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Did you hear the one about the Irishman and BBC panel shows?

TV host Dara O'Briain has accused his BBC bosses of "tokenism" following the announcement of a comedy panel show ban on all-male line-ups.

He has re-ignited a long-running debate about the unequal proportion of women in the comedy world, despite the fact that far more men want to perform stand-up comedy, the Irish funnyman said.

The Mock The Week presenter's criticism comes in the wake of BBC director of television Danny Cohen's promise that "we're not going to ...

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Mobile phones offering us more for less

Mobile phone customers are getting significantly more for their money compared to a decade ago - and all at a fraction of the cost.

A report by communications regulator Ofcom reveals that strong competition has helped to drive down prices in real terms, with the average mobile bill now costing almost a quarter less than 10 years ago.

The average monthly spend by individuals on mobile services fell by 23% in real terms between 2003 and 2012, from ...

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Drivers paying price after record number of fines

Minor motoring infringements are costing drivers millions of pounds, with 2011/12 a record year for fines.

Some 1.32 million penalties were dished out during the 12-month period, according to the Daily Mail, adding up to a grand total of £135 million.

Minor offences, including being caught on camera blocking box junctions or straying into bus lanes, were up 16% on the previous year.

In response to the figures, a number of ...

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Schwarzenegger terminates Bond to take best movie catchphrase

As Bruce Forsyth has proven over the decades, there's nothing like a memorable catchphrase to keep you in the public eye. But which one has been voted the best in movie history?

Terminator star Arnold Schwarzenegger's "I'll be back" has won this accolade in a new poll of 1,806 people commissioned by film and TV streaming service LOVEFiLM.

The Austrian-born star won a quarter (25%) of the votes for line the from the 1984 science-fiction classic.


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What is Google planning next for Glass?

Google has unveiled plans to incorporate music with its new Glass eyewear, but it could be some time before the technology is available in the UK.

The tech company has announced a US trial that will see a new set of features for the augmented-reality device, allowing users to search for songs, scan through saved play lists and listen to music.

The Google Glass eyewear, which is worn as lenseless frames with a small computer and transparent screen ...

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How have new car sales fared for ’13′ plates?

New statistics have provided a resounding answer to the question of whether it has been a case of unlucky thirteen for new car sales - with sales of "13" number plates having beaten any of the previous nine new plates.

New registrations from March to July have reached 1,115,459 vehicles - a total is higher than those previous years even before August's sales have been counted, the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) revealed.

New '63' plates ...

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